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Beard Growth Roller Facial Roller Skin Care


Promote facial blood circulation

Stimulate hair follicles during sleep

Promote Men's Beard Growth

Works better with beard oil

You can use the roller alone for skin care

Helps eliminate wrinkles, improve skin brightness and prevent sun damage


Operation method:

1. Clean the nursing part (cleansing milk)

2. Microneedle cleaning (using 75% alcohol or physiological saline, ultraviolet rays).

3. It is best to use saline to clean the area to be treated

4. Use a microneedle to gently roll a piece of area to be treated

5. Each part adopts “M” rolling operation. It is operated for 5 minutes. It is best to roll beard oil while rolling.

Do not touch the operation site with clean water within 5 hours to prevent infection

7, 1-2 times a week micro-needling care, 10 times as a course of treatment, it is recommended to use more than 2 courses of continuous effect is good


Frequently Asked Questions on Micro Needle Operation:

1. Generally for those with sensitive cuticle skin, you can use the weight of the needle to roll the skin.

2. It is normal for the skin to show reddish symptoms after operation.

3. If you have severe allergies, please stop using


Packing list:

1PCS X beard grower roller



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